On behalf of all Generals, past and present, welcome to the Shiloh High School Football Family!!!  Our goal is to produce fine young men first and good football players second, as football is an excellent tool for teaching fundamentals and important life skills. The character and discipline achieved in high school football can have an everlasting effect, and the Shiloh Football coaching staff are honored to be a part of your players’ future.  We are happy to have you, and look forward to enjoying the upcoming football season with you. 

WE ARE FAMILY and we are all in this together.

~~Program Structure
The Shiloh High School Football head coach is Coach Ryan Andrews, and he has a full staff of assistant coaches who will be working for and with your player.
The football program consists of three teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and 9th Grade. Shiloh Football is NOT funded through Gwinnett County. Parental support is vital to the success of the program.

Athlete Playing Time - There are many factors that determine playing time, such as practice attendance, attitude, commitment, effort and athletic ability. There are many decisions made on a regular basis by the coaching staff. It is the coach's responsibility to decide which athletes should be a starter, which athlete should play what position, and how long each athlete should play. These decisions, often difficult to make, are made only by the coaching staff and are approached very seriously after having observed the athlete in practice sessions, scrimmages and, at times, games.
Starting positions on all teams are determined by the coaches based on player performance, practice participation and conduct. Positions and starting statuses may change throughout the season.

Individual Coach’s Rules - Coaches may establish general rules and regulations for players to adhere to. Coaches may also address unique situations and issue consequences to athletes in accordance with the circumstances involving the athlete and his membership on the team.

~~Responsibilities of an Athlete
All athletes have the responsibility to give their best, play to win, follow training guidelines, and exhibit good conduct and fair play at all times so as to be a credit to their school. Athletes are always on display.

Academic Plan
A Shiloh Football athlete's first priority is to get an education. To be eligible to participate, practice, and/or try out in interscholastic activities, a student must be academically eligible. Goals & expectations are set for players’ academic achievement as well as their athletic accomplishments.  Shiloh coaches continually monitor players’ academic progress throughout the year.

Practice Attitude
Practice does not make perfect- practice makes permanent. No matter what you do, if you practice long enough, it will become part of you. Practice a bad habit and you will become great at a bad habit. Practice being second class and you will be second class. Practice being first class and you will be first class.
Practice Attendance
Attendance is mandatory for practice during the fall and the spring. A missed practice without contacting either the player's position coach or the head football coach will constitute an unexcused absence and result in Jacket reminders. Practice that are missed and called in will be excused with extra conditioning so that the player does not fall behind.


  • „X Learns that both winning and losing are part of the game and learns to accept both. Be modest in victory; be gracious in defeat.
  • „X Does not use illegal tactics in an attempt to defeat the opponent or to beat the rules of the game.
  • „X Has complete control of himself at all times. Horse play, display of temper, use of profanity, and disrespect for coaches or officials will result in loss of respect for the athlete.
  • „X Will respect the decisions of officials.


  • „X Must realize that he/she is a student first, an athlete second. The student-athlete must give time and energy to classroom studies to ensure acceptable grades are achieved to meet academic requirements for participation.
  • „X Must maintain a satisfactory citizenship and behavior record by giving respectful attention to classroom activities and by treating teachers, administrators and fellow students with respect. Tardiness, horse play, and unnecessary talking are unacceptable behavior habits that, if uncorrected by the student-athlete, may result in suspension from the athletic program.


  • „X Notify a coach in writing if he needs to miss a scheduled game or practice session.
  • „X Be prompt for practice. Tardiness to athletic class period(s) is as inexcusable as it is to any other class.
  • „X No horseplay (hitting, wrestling, throwing items, popping towels, etc.)
  • „X Maintain school equipment as directed by coaches.
  • „X Keep all school equipment and personal belongings locked in the locker at all times.
  • „X Keep school facilities clean and help ensure their continued good maintenance. Maintain neat and clean locker space.
  • „X Dress decently as he/she leaves the dressing room.


  • „X Travel to and from all games with the team.
  • „X Dress neatly and properly on all trips. Coaches will advise you regarding the proper attire.
  • „X Conduct him/her properly on the school bus or in any school vehicle.
  • „X Show respect for opponents’ facilities.
  • „X Travel with the team when leaving and returning

At all times, Shiloh Football athletes will maintain proper PERSONAL APPEARANCE AND GROOMING. College recruiters visit the high school on a regular basis, so athletes should adhere to the following:

  • „X Hair shall be clean and well groomed.
  • „X Facial hair, including mustaches, beards & goatees should be neatly shaven.
  • „X Be neatly dressed, including proper undergarments, shoes, and socks. If a players pants has belt loops, he should be wearing a belt.


Theft is an UNACCEPTABLE behavior for a Shiloh Football player. This includes theft in any place at any time (at school, in public, in the locker room, etc.). DO NOT TOUCH/TAKE ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. Do not take another players knee pads, girdle, helmet, shoulder pads, money, electronics, etc. Do not take possession of another person’s property in any venue under any circumstances. Violation of this policy will result in punishment decided on an individual basis and may result in suspension and/or removal from all athletic activities for up to one calendar year from the date of the incident. THERE IS NO PLACE FOR A THIEF ON A TEAM!!!

~~Responsibilities of a Parent
Each player is required to have an annual physical examination given by a licensed medical physician, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant indicating the student is approved for participation in athletic activities before that student may try-out, participate in practice or conditioning drills, or participate in interscholastic games.
There are many, many needs and opportunities for parent involvement in support of Shiloh Football. Every parent/guardian is encouraged and expected to help in some way. Other than coaching, parent volunteers are responsible for running all aspects of the football program. Without volunteers, we would have no football program!!!

~~Parents Should Always…

  • ƒx Emphasize the right priorities: Family, Academics, and Athletics
  • ƒx Place value in participation and giving your best effort, not the winning or losing of a game
  • ƒx Emphasize the importance of well-balanced meals and regular sleep patterns.
  • ƒx Encourage hydration: Players should be drinking WATER, WATER & more WATER!  No sodas or juices should be allowed.  If your player is thirsty when he gets to practice, he is ALREADY dehydrated and at risk of heat stress.
  • ƒx Encourage ice baths for soreness. Fill the bathtub with cold water, add about 3 bags of ice and encourage your player to soak for 15 minutes.
  • ƒx Encourage persistence and being able to accept the role required for the team to be successful. *Not everyone will be a starter, but everyone is important to the team
  • ƒx Do not publicly demean participants in an athletic contest (Players, officials, coaches, other parents or spectators, etc.). Per the Georgia High School Association “The GHSA and its member schools have made a commitment to promote good sportsmanship by student/athletes, coaches, and spectators at all GHSA sanctioned events. Profanity, degrading remarks, and intimidating actions directed at officials or competitors will not be tolerated, and are grounds for removal from the event site.”


  • ƒx Talk to your child about how things are going with his/her sport
  • ƒx Come to as many of your child’s games as possible
  • ƒx Be positive with your athlete. Let them know you are proud they are part of the team.
  • ƒx Encourage your athlete to follow all training rules. Help the coaches build commitment to the team.
  •     Allow your athlete to perform and progress at a level consistent with his ability.
  • ƒx Stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • ƒx Do not support “quitting” as the best way to solve problems, but rather perseverance, and how to deal with adversity


  • „X Be supportive of the coaching staff and respect their professional judgment, they are here to help your child grow as an athlete and as a person.
  • „X We’re not always right, we will make mistakes, but we are doing OUR BEST to make decisions with THE TEAM’S best interest in mind
  • „X Follow the communication procedure with coaches.
  • „X Understand the time commitment and needs of Shiloh Football. Volunteer time is critical to the program’s success.
  • „X Be willing to help in fundraising efforts, or work events that will benefit the athletes within the Shiloh Football Program.
  • „X Adhere to the current player fee payment schedule.

~~Communication with Coaches
The entire coaching staff is encouraged to keep the lines of communication open with athletes and their families. We will always do our best to supply you with all of the essential information that you will need to manage your time and commitment successfully. Shiloh coaches are professionals and make decisions based on what is best for the entire team, taking into account every member of the team. The coaches work extremely hard because they love what they do and realize the positive benefit of participation in athletics. The following are some guidelines and policies to help facilitate the most productive and efficient relationship with the coaching staff.

Parents are encouraged to discuss:
• Their player’s progress and ways to help their student improve
• Concerns regarding their player’s behavior
• The philosophy of the coach
• The expectations of coaches and role for their player on the team
• Team rules and policies
• Disciplinary action incurred by their player
• The college recruiting process
• Ways in which they can help the team (volunteer committees, sponsorships, etc.)

Parents are NOT encouraged to discuss:
• Placement on teams
• Playing time
• Coaching strategies used during practice or contests
• Other student-athletes

~~Communication Procedure
If a problem should arise please make every effort to follow the steps below for a productive resolution:
1. Student-athlete contacts the coach to discuss the issue
2. If a resolution is not reached, the parent should contact the coach and arrange for a meeting
3. In the rare instance that there is still no resolution, the parent should contact the Athletic Director and arrange for a meeting.

~~Problem Resolution
Communication with coaches is most productive when an appointment can be made to talk about the issue. Parents should never try to talk to a coach before or after a game on a game day. This is the most emotional time for all parties involved and is not the time for a meeting about specific issues with your student-athlete. Please respect the coaches and their need to be focused on the task at hand.