Recruiting Tip

Posted by Shiloh High School Football on Nov 23 2020 at 07:46PM PST in 2020 Season

Shiloh parents,

Please pin your athlete’s highlight to the top of your Twitter page. As coaches review film, if they look at your page, they can easily find your athlete’s highlights. Also, please encourage your son to follow the Twitter tips below—it is specifically for D1 but applies to all. Your athlete’s name as it appears on the roster needs to be in their Twitter handle. Coaches cannot find them otherwise and are too busy to have to search for your athlete.

We are getting a lot of interest in our athletes, so cleaning up the small things, and continuing to like & retweet ALL Shiloh athletes’ film creates buzz which leads to interest.

If you are not active on Twitter & want your athlete to be recruited, you need to create a profile asap. It is important to be able to monitor their accounts but also to be able to help your son create buzz. Please follow your athlete, @football_shiloh, @footballshiloh, and any college coaches who contact your athlete.