Posted by Tino Ierulli on Sep 27 2022 at 04:37AM PDT

Good morning, Generals! Just a reminder, the date for player dues is October 15th, the full $800.00 is due on October 15th. Payments can be made on MyPayments Plus or you can bring a cashiers check made out to Shiloh Football. Again, your support is greatly appreciated, as these funds are used for our players pre-game meals, equipment, post practice nutrition program, camps, and numerous other things. As of September 27th, we still have 39 players who have not paid anything towards their dues. I have been very flexible with payments, allowing them to have been paid since February for returners and since May for new players and transfers. Again, these funds on top of the fundraisers we run are used to cover our expenses. An example of just 1 pre-game meal for Freshman and JV costs us $1,180.00 multiply that times 7 games comes to $8,260.00 just to feed our JV and Freshman teams. Thanks again for your support!

Thank you,

Coach Tino


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