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Cyrotherapy Partnership

Posted by Shiloh High School Football at Feb 11, 2021 11:46AM PST

Greetings Shiloh Family!

I am excited to let you know that our athletic department has partnered with The CryoPlace. The CryoPlace Recovery and Wellness Center is Atlanta’s premiere cryotherapy center, with locations concentrated south of the perimeter and completely dedicated to sports recovery. They have currently have 3 locations: Grant Park, Hapeville & Fayetteville Ga. Of course, the Grant Park location is the closest to us (30 minutes). They are an amateur athlete’s recovery partner and a professional athlete’s life-line to healthy, injury-free competition. Athletes love how it makes them feel afterwards and how much faster their bodies recover from hard workouts.

Below is an overview of some of their services. Hopefully our athletes/parents will take advantage of this opportunity!

Services of The CryoPlace
Whole body cryotherapy
Localized cryotherapy
Normatech Compression (arms & legs)
Sports Massage

NFLPA Scholarship

Posted by Shiloh High School Football at Feb 3, 2021 7:56AM PST

Greetings Generals!

The NFL Player Association Atlanta Chapter has a scholarship for students and athletes. To apply for this scholarship opportunity, follow the instructions in the attached scholarship letter and application.

Best of luck!

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Posted by Shiloh High School Football at Jan 26, 2021 6:07AM PST

Please take advantage of the scholarship opportunities below:

Walton EMC – Electric Trust Scholarship – Application deadline January 29, 2021

Each scholarship will be worth $4,000 to students who best demonstrate the EMC spirit of community service, hard work and perseverance. The successful candidate will not necessarily have the top grades in the class, but will have demonstrated their willingness to help others, study hard, and succeed despite any obstacles that they may have had to overcome.

The scholarship will be available to pursue education objectives at any accredited college, university, or vocational/ technical school, not just four-year institutions.

Courtney S. Blair Scholarship – Application deadline January 31, 2021

+ 1. Courtney S. Blair Student Leadership Scholarship+

A one-time award of $1000 to a GCPS student leader who is in the top 5% of his or her class, who has overcome significant adversity and demonstrates financial need in attending the college of their choice.

  • Proof of class rank
  • 2 page, double-spaced essay reflecting over your high school years, share an experience in which you exercised significant leadership in your school and describe the result of your efforts

2. Courtney S. Blair Outstanding Excellence in Athletics and Academics Scholarship

A one-time award of $1000 to a senior who is in the top 1% of his or her class who letters in two or more varsity sports.

  • Proof of class rank
  • Proof of 2 varsity letters (no essay required)

3. Courtney S. Blair Women in Business Scholarship

A one-time award of $1,000 to a senior at Shiloh High School who is in the top 10% of her class who is interested in pursuing a career in Business or Entrepreneurship.

Applicants may be required to interview with the Selection Committee prior to scholarship award in April 2020. Students will be contacted by phone or email listed on their application for an interview day and time that best fits the student schedule. No essay required. Requirements:

  • Proof of class rank (1st semester senior transcript)
  • Proof of each varsity letter, signed by the coach.

Greetings Shiloh Parents!

The mandatory parent meeting originally scheduled for tomorrow has been changed to Wednesday, February 24th at 6:00 PM in the Field House. Information about the player dues – including the $200.00 deposit due on February 24th – will be sent soon. The dues will be added to MyPaymentsPlus, and the link to pay the dues there will be provided as well.

Go Generals!!!

Good morning, Generals! I hope you all are doing well! We will have our first Parent Meeting, Wednesday, January 27th at 6pm at the Field house. Please make sure to be there, as we will discuss our 2021 Season. Please don’t forget to print out our off-season workout schedule for the 2021 Season. We will start collecting dues at our meeting, if you want to pay a deposit, or in full, we will be collecting on January 27th. The dues for the 2021 Season are 800.00, like last year, if you have multiple son’s playing there will be adjustments made, we will have all information breakdown at our meeting for all parents. Please have a restful and blessed holiday break, look forward to getting back with our young men, and seeing you all on January 27th, 2021 is going to be a great season!!

Coach Tino