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Good morning, Generals! I hope you all are doing well! We will have our first Parent Meeting, Wednesday, January 27th at 6pm at the Field house. Please make sure to be there, as we will discuss our 2021 Season. Please don’t forget to print out our off-season workout schedule for the 2021 Season. We will start collecting dues at our meeting, if you want to pay a deposit, or in full, we will be collecting on January 27th. The dues for the 2021 Season are 800.00, like last year, if you have multiple son’s playing there will be adjustments made, we will have all information breakdown at our meeting for all parents. Please have a restful and blessed holiday break, look forward to getting back with our young men, and seeing you all on January 27th, 2021 is going to be a great season!!

Coach Tino

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Good morning, GENERALS!! Attached you will find our off-saeson workout schedule. Please note, attendence will be taken, in order for us to build off of last year, we need 100% committment from all. Hope you all enjoy a well deserved holiday break, and look forward to being back with you all on January 11th.

Coach Tino

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Please apply for the scholarship opportunities below if you qualify.

1. College Board Opportunity Scholarship –
Juniors – will be eligible to join the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program in December. Create a College Board account now to sign up.

Seniors – The College Board Opportunity Scholarships program will remain open to seniors to take actions through the end of February. Seniors have two opportunities:
Complete the FAFSA – $1000
Apply to Colleges – $1000
Students who create an account and complete the various steps will have their names entered in a drawing. We have had several Shiloh students in the past who were recipients of these scholarships. Please take the extra step!

2. LEDA – Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America – Due December 14, 2020 @11:59 pm
Application link:

LEDA is a community of student leaders from all racial and ethnic backgrounds across the U.S. Because we exclusively serve students who may struggle to afford high quality summer programming, our program is COMPLETELY FREE. The LEDA Scholars program begins with an ALL EXPENSE PAID seven-week residential program at Princeton University that includes academic preparation for college, leadership training, college guidance, SAT/ACT preparation, help with college applications and scholarships, and a chance to experience life on a college campus.

To be eligible to apply student
Must be a junior attending a public high school in the U.S., graduating in 2022
Is a U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, or has DACA Status
Has an annual household income under $90,000
Has a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.5
Successful applicants demonstrate:

A desire to be challenged academically
A strong commitment to their studies
A desire to be a leader in their families, schools, and communities
LEDA’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Compassion, and Community

3. Walton Electric Trust Scholarship – (Application Attached)
Due January 29, 2021

Seniors Only

WETS will award between 30 and 32 scholarships to graduating high school seniors whose primary residence is served by Walton EMC.

Each scholarship will be worth $4,000 to students who best demonstrate the EMC spirit of community service, hard work and perseverance. The successful candidate will not necessarily have the top grades in the class, but will have demonstrated their willingness to help others, study hard, and succeed despite any obstacles that they may have had to overcome.

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Seniors/Senior Parents – Peach State Federal Credit Union is offering a scholarship for Georgia public school students. The link to apply for the scholarship is

Go Generals!!!

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Recruiting Tip

Posted by Shiloh High School Football at Nov 23, 2020 7:46PM PST

Shiloh parents,

Please pin your athlete’s highlight to the top of your Twitter page. As coaches review film, if they look at your page, they can easily find your athlete’s highlights. Also, please encourage your son to follow the Twitter tips below—it is specifically for D1 but applies to all. Your athlete’s name as it appears on the roster needs to be in their Twitter handle. Coaches cannot find them otherwise and are too busy to have to search for your athlete.

We are getting a lot of interest in our athletes, so cleaning up the small things, and continuing to like & retweet ALL Shiloh athletes’ film creates buzz which leads to interest.

If you are not active on Twitter & want your athlete to be recruited, you need to create a profile asap. It is important to be able to monitor their accounts but also to be able to help your son create buzz. Please follow your athlete, @football_shiloh, @footballshiloh, and any college coaches who contact your athlete.