Cyrotherapy Partnership

Posted by Shiloh High School Football on Feb 11 2021 at 11:46AM PST

Greetings Shiloh Family!

I am excited to let you know that our athletic department has partnered with The CryoPlace. The CryoPlace Recovery and Wellness Center is Atlanta’s premiere cryotherapy center, with locations concentrated south of the perimeter and completely dedicated to sports recovery. They have currently have 3 locations: Grant Park, Hapeville & Fayetteville Ga. Of course, the Grant Park location is the closest to us (30 minutes). They are an amateur athlete’s recovery partner and a professional athlete’s life-line to healthy, injury-free competition. Athletes love how it makes them feel afterwards and how much faster their bodies recover from hard workouts.

Below is an overview of some of their services. Hopefully our athletes/parents will take advantage of this opportunity!

Services of The CryoPlace
Whole body cryotherapy
Localized cryotherapy
Normatech Compression (arms & legs)
Sports Massage